Cars from the USA, Canada and Korea in Ukraine

There remains a small risk that the car will not be exactly as expected due to the inability to evaluate it "live". If you do not like to take risks and be nervous, but want to see what you pay for – a car in stock will suit you 100%. In this case, you do not expect long delivery. No “pig in a poke”. Yes, definitely.

If a buyer chooses a car from our physical parking lots in Ukraine, then he can count on the best technical condition. However, you evaluate the object of purchase only remotely, according to the photo and Carfax report. Choosing a car that is already in Ukraine or in the process of delivery to us is a good alternative for those who are not satisfied with the terms of buying a used car from the USA on Copart and IAA-Insurance, or from Korea due to the long delivery time. Most of the transport from the United States arrives at the port of Odessa, where one of the Auction Auto warehouses is also located.

Part of the cars are still on the way (in the process of delivery to Ukraine). On my way This is a fundamental difference from the situation when you buy from Copart or Manheim – valuing the property only by the photo and the CarFax report. You can buy a car on credit or by installments, as well as lease it.

Cars from this catalog have important advantages for you as a buyer. She does not need repairs and some kind of pre-operational maintenance – the transport is completely ready for long-term and comfortable operation. Oh sure.

Auction Auto offers more than 200 cars that were purchased in America or Korea, and then delivered, cleared by customs and fully prepared for operation in Ukraine. Either it is a car of our customers who do not mind them to sell. In terms of the reliability and predictability of the purchase, this is comparable to going to the car dealership of an authorized dealer.

These are vehicles with license plates, repaired and inspected for future breakdowns. To personally see the “American” you need to come to Odessa or any of the other two cities by prior agreement – we will arrange for you a full acquaintance with the car.

Cars from the USA, Canada and Korea in Ukraine

Catalog of used cars from the USA and Korea available in Ukraine – prices, characteristics


p>Choose American cars available if you don’t want to wait and are ready to pay a little more for your comfort. The car can be inspected before making a deal, take a test drive and even take it to a service station to be checked by specialists. And there is no additional margin for such a car, as for customs cleared cars and cars after repair. You can buy any car in this section without waiting, watch it live and even take a test drive before buying! Often these are vehicles that seemed to us interesting and liquid, because we decided to buy them on their own, for subsequent sale.

We give an assessment of the vehicle in all parameters, including driving on the highway. In second place in terms of efficiency – buying a car from the USA in the way. Choose from the catalog “available cars” – it contains copies that can be bought after a test drive and personal inspection, they do not need to wait from the States, they are in our parking lots in Kiev, Odessa and Lvov, Kharkov, Dnipro. Most of the cars from this catalog are at the Auction Auto parking lots in Odessa, Kiev and Lvov, in some cases – a few days or weeks away from Ukraine.

In any case, you won’t have to wait long for the car – a used Kia Sportage or Toyota Corolla will be yours in just a few days. The most expensive American (and Korean) used transport will cost if it is already cleared by customs and is waiting for the buyer at the site in Ukraine. According to this formula, two categories of vehicles are available for the buyer – already cleared or on the way.

In the catalog there are both customs cleared (in Ukrainian numbers) and not customs cleared cars, with repair or without. If there are special reasons, we can drive him to the city where you live, and then you will not have to go to us on your own. At such trading, you can choose an option at a low price, pay a commission, delivery, and customs clearance and even possible repairs, but still buy cheaper by 25-50%, which is offered on Auto Ria.

Slightly less likely to come across specimens from Canada. The price will still be lower than the market average, but an order of magnitude higher than the price when redeemed at auction. The desired car does not need to wait, but at the same time it does not lose its usual attractiveness as a second-hand copy from the USA or Korea – its price still remains much lower than the market price, and the quality and uniqueness remain high.

While it is not yet cleared, inspection and repair passed, the price is significantly lower. Please note: in some cases, if our client is from another city (for example, Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye, Kharkiv) and at the same time is very interested in a particular car, we will meet halfway – we will bring it to your city for viewing and a possible deal. Any sedan, hatchback or crossover from the catalog in stock is available for personal inspection. This format does not require any risks from you – you make the decision to purchase only after a full inspection. If you make a purchase decision before opening a container with a car, then it is immediately issued to you.

Cars in this category are somewhat more expensive, but this is justified: they have already been delivered, cleared by customs, often repaired and have undergone full pre-sale training. Only after verification, the buyer makes a final decision on the purchase – no risks. You can evaluate it personally in Kiev, Odessa or Lviv – inspect the salon, arrange a test drive, drive it to the service station and make sure that it is in good condition, compare the coincidence of the technical description and the real picture. With auction From the point of view of financial benefits, ordering a car with auction in Korea or America – the best option. With a used car from the USA, the situation is different: we give the opportunity to fully check the car before signing the contract.

Any breakdowns, malfunctions or shortcomings that the car had previously been eliminated. In stock You can find out about the conditions and available credit programs on the website or contact our managers by phone. While orders from auctions travel to us on average 60 days. This catalog contains cars from the USA and Korea.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) The other two are located in Kiev and Lviv.

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